Monday, January 18, 2010

The Vintage-Inspired Home by Octavia and Brown

Our everyday surroundings are a great influence on our mood, our self-perception, and our imagination. Whether you live in an old comfy space, or new modern digs, vintage pieces can whittle their way into your home and heart. Octavia & Brown is an Etsy shop dedicated to selecting vintage pieces that can transport you back in time while looking right at home in the present. Liz Geddes, shop owner, follows a credo that "great design can come from any era." Peeking into her shop, you'll also find that great design isn't snobby and is attainable at a variety of price points.

You might find cool refreshing milk glass, like this hobnail planter. Or stumble upon a vintage motor oil can with retro lettering and design. You may even fall in love with a simple glass jar that evokes memories of your grandmother's breakfast table.

Octavia & Brown has carved out a niche in home accessories that is both nostalgic and modern. Keep your eye on this shop for some irresistible vintage finds at OctaviaBrown.

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