Thursday, January 28, 2010

EasyTone Go Outside

Yes, I am getting these gaudy gold shoes. Yes, I have a huge foot (size 10) and these are sure to make my feet look very sexy. And by sexy I mean like the hottest grandma in the nursing home. But, but, BUT, they supposedly tone your butt. Thank you to MODG for making me want these shoes really really badly even though they are obviously hideous. See for yourself here. Especially when she says they are sold out everywhere. Now that made me really really REALLY want them. Luckily, I have connections in the shoe biz (I bet that's what they call it, too). My friend S got me a discount - so these are guilt free ez toners. I just ordered them today and am super excited about wearing them to the gym that I don't belong to yet but am joining tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

it's thursday - can it be friday already???

Horrific migraine woke me up around 4:30 this morning. Luckily I have my routine - two excedrin and a cold wash cloth for my head knocked it out in an hour. But then I kept waking myself up because i was grinding my teeth. So I'm actually in a great mood because I am alive and pain free at the moment...

I was also very happy this morning to see that I received a shout out from Sarah @ Little Kitten Homemade's blog. You can check it out here.

Also, am working on a writing gig w/ Indie Smiles.

Oh, and my sister, S just emailed me that she got the part time job she wanted w/ DSW.

Not too bad for a Thursday morning!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bunting (Not Baseball)

What the heck is bunting, and why do I care? I came across the most adorable Etsy shop selling the aforesaid bunting, and I wanted to know more. Apparently bunting is loose cotton or wool fabric used for flags. And Little Kitten Homemade features the cutest selection of flags and banners for birthday parties, holidays, and the like.

Sarah, the proprietor, favors quality fabrics in nostalgic florals, trendy mod designs and ginghams. Banners and flags are personalized with hand appliques. She pieces together appliques, buttons, rick-rack and fabric to make each design truly unique and shabby chic.

I would highly recommend checking out Little Kitten Homemade for the one who has everything. What better way to announce how special you think someone is than by displaying their name on a flag or banner for all to see. I mean, I'm 26 and I kind of want one! Or, customize a flag or banner for your newly engaged friends. It could showcase their new name, or simply say "love". Hosting a baby shower? Decorate with adorable bunting, or give personalized as a gift that can be hung with care in the nursery.

Bunting is a niche in the arts and crafts market that I wasn't aware of until now. With quality craftsmanship, and a knack for creating appealing designs, Little Kitten Homemade is sure to be a successful shop.

The Vintage-Inspired Home by Octavia and Brown

Our everyday surroundings are a great influence on our mood, our self-perception, and our imagination. Whether you live in an old comfy space, or new modern digs, vintage pieces can whittle their way into your home and heart. Octavia & Brown is an Etsy shop dedicated to selecting vintage pieces that can transport you back in time while looking right at home in the present. Liz Geddes, shop owner, follows a credo that "great design can come from any era." Peeking into her shop, you'll also find that great design isn't snobby and is attainable at a variety of price points.

You might find cool refreshing milk glass, like this hobnail planter. Or stumble upon a vintage motor oil can with retro lettering and design. You may even fall in love with a simple glass jar that evokes memories of your grandmother's breakfast table.

Octavia & Brown has carved out a niche in home accessories that is both nostalgic and modern. Keep your eye on this shop for some irresistible vintage finds at OctaviaBrown.

Launch of InkBlotCafe

Checked one thing off my list for 2010 and opened my Etsy shop for writing services. Now if only I could get that first sale...

Create a writing portfolio in pdf format___
Open new Etsy shop selling writing services X
Register for at least one class pertaining to web design___

Finish homemade Christmas gifts (they are late!)___
Make slip cover for dining room chair___
Re-finish chandelier___
Refurbish ottoman to match dining room chair___
Ceramic tile in kitchen & guest bath___

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make Your Website Work

Thinking about re-designing your website in the new year? This was an interesting webinar by hubspot - slides are here:

Here is what I gleaned from the presentation:

Design is nice, but content is better.

Re-design to drive more traffic, not to improve your corporate "look"

Don't recreate the wheel w/ web design

Create SEO content. Use social media to talk about content. Content should lead back to website, generating traffic, leads, and customers.

Definitely check this out if you're planning on re-doing your website to improve on design.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ready, Set, Goals!

I'm still trying to get used to writing 2010 on everything, but it's time to whip out some goals for the new year. Here is my checklist of attainable goals for the near future:

Create a writing portfolio in pdf format ___
Open new Etsy shop selling writing services___
Register for at least one class pertaining to web design___

Finish homemade Christmas gifts (they are late!)___
Make slip cover for dining room chair___
Re-finish chandelier___
Refurbish ottoman to match dining room chair___
Ceramic tile in kitchen & guest bath___