Friday, June 18, 2010


image from Skel Design

Wow - almost a whole month without posting!  So I have to warn you, this is going to be a super lame post.  Even lamer than May's Pac Man post.  I have a bad case of blogging block, and am not sure what the cure is.  Maybe a list?  Lists always help.  At least with a list, you know your intentions are good.  Like a cleaning list.  Or a work list.  You can feel good because, since you wrote it down, obviously you meant to do it.  Or, it can be self-satisfying to make a list of things you've already done and check them off...

made it to work only 10 min late (x)
made coffee (x)
checked email (x)

phew - so busy today!  accomplished so much already!

So here is my real list for today...

Things I've accomplished in 2010 (we're already half way through!)
-Opened up the Ink Blot Cafe on Etsy selling SEO writing services
-Made 13 writing sales! (special thanks to all of my customers Doctor Sweet Tooth, The Pink Pig, and Planet Earth Essential Oils)
-Learned html and css
-designed a wedding website for my friend, Liz