Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Carpenter's Handwriting

I love how it's always in cursive - not perfect, but each letter displaying all of the little curly-ques you learned when you first learned to write in cursive. As if they hadn't written a thing since third grade penmanship class, and today they decided to pick up a pencil. The rules for writing each letter are taken into consideration - no short cuts taken here. My own grandpa is a carpenter and always boasts about wining a penmanship award in grade school. And he does have wonderful handwriting. He addressed my cousin's wedding invitations. There is a certain meticulous-ness a good carpenter has about him. You can't read it from the worn work boots, stained cover-alls, or black fingernails. But it's definitely there in the handwriting.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1111 Mississippi

So, one of my good friends suggested we go to 1111 Mississippi for dinner last weekend. I love to eat and will try pretty much anything. I also enjoy having a cocktail or glass of wine every once in a while. And I have a great group of friends. So to combine those things is always a recipe for a great time - which 1111 Mississippi was. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, our server was knowledeable and attentive without being annoying, and the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin melted in your mouth.