Thursday, January 28, 2010

EasyTone Go Outside

Yes, I am getting these gaudy gold shoes. Yes, I have a huge foot (size 10) and these are sure to make my feet look very sexy. And by sexy I mean like the hottest grandma in the nursing home. But, but, BUT, they supposedly tone your butt. Thank you to MODG for making me want these shoes really really badly even though they are obviously hideous. See for yourself here. Especially when she says they are sold out everywhere. Now that made me really really REALLY want them. Luckily, I have connections in the shoe biz (I bet that's what they call it, too). My friend S got me a discount - so these are guilt free ez toners. I just ordered them today and am super excited about wearing them to the gym that I don't belong to yet but am joining tomorrow.


MODG said...

bah! you got the gold too? sucker.

Jess to Impress said...

gold shoes kick ass. period.