Monday, August 10, 2009

Stadium Wedding

Getting married at Busch Stadium basically says, me and/or my fiance love baseball/cardinals. Other than that, it's hard to let your personality come through when having your event at a larger than life venue like Busch stadium. Definitely a unique experience for your guests, but lacks a wedding vibe. Maybe it's because no matter how large your wedding party, you'll be dwarfed by the huge stadium. A Busch Stadium wedding totally lacked the intimacy of a traditional wedding. The nervous twitches, tears, and laughter are all lost in the void that is an empty stadium. Even with your picture displayed largely on the scoreboard, you seem distant.

One other note, planning an outdoor wedding in August at 3:30 in the afternoon is a little risky. I blame the heat for slamming down one too many rum and cokes (just trying to rehydrate!) and spending a good portion of the night with my face in a toilet at the Ballpark Hilton.

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