Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shopaholic Made Me Sad

I was ecstatic when I saw they were making the Shopaholic into a movie. I considered the Shopaholic series a guilty pleasure that was passable reading because it fell under the chic-lit category. So it's literature - I mean I took a class on this stuff in college!

Even my husband got on board and agreed to rent it with me.

[There are two plausible explanations for this:
1) secret crush on Isla Fisher (Rebecca Bloomwood)
2) thinly veiled man crush on Sacha Baron Cohen lived vicariously through his wife (Isla Fisher)]

So as we watched it, I began to feel more and more disappointed. First of all, Rebecca Bloomwood is a character defined by consumerism. And if you haven't notice lately, consumerism is part of a certain predicament our country is in. The magical plastic that may have seemed nice and shiny a year ago just seemed dull and foreboding. Bex's uninhibited spending just seemed cutesy when I read the book years ago (oops, went over my limit again!), but seems criminal in the current climate.

Also, Bex is clueless. She lands her job at a financial magazine through a mistake. The need for a fluke to get her the position undermines any brains or talent she may really have. Instead of being competent and qualified, she sort of trips and stumbles her way into a job she doesn't really want because it has to do with "finance" and not "fashion". Also, her boss who she falls in love with just so happens to be secretly from a filthy rich family. So convenient!

What did I find so charming about Rebecca Bloomwood the first time around? How is it that I am jealous of and annoyed with a fictional character?

My only hope is that perhaps she totally redeems herself in the end. I can't really remember the ending of the book. Plus, it was Sunday, so we had to stop the movie to watch "Kendra" on E. So maybe I'll never know.

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