Wednesday, December 23, 2009

run run reindeer

My friend S just ran the 5k on the new highway 40. I was impressed, as I am very far away from running a 5k anytime soon. In fact the only time I have been close to running a 5k involved rolling out of bed at a friend's apartment after a night of shenanigans and making my roommate grab my running clothes and race t-shirt, pick me up, and drop me off at the race. I finished the 5k, but did not run the whole time. I did learn a couple valuable lessons:

  • Do not attempt the 5k if you drank close to a gallon of milwauke beast the night before.
  • Do not attempt the 5k if your undergarments consist of a thong and strapless bra.

Anyway, my point is, I have decided it is time to take up running once again. So far, I have managed to run two nights in a row this week with my trainer, J. J as in my husband who does not have school or work until the end of January.
I am pretty impressed with myself so far as we were able to make it around the park one night and around the library last night. However, all of my progress has been negated by ice cream, reeses cups, and cookies. If anyone else brings food to the office, there could be trouble. (okay, totally empty threat - food and gifts still accepted)

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