Thursday, December 24, 2009


Stranded at work on Christmas Eve! It all began with a brilliant plan and ended in a huge debacle.

At happy hour with my sister, e:

me: want to stay at my place tonight & wake up early to hit the mall?
e: yes! awesome.
j: that is the worst idea ever. there is no way you will wake up in time to go shopping before you go to work.

this morning:

wake up at 6:30 am.
shower and get dressed
e is making scrambled eggs and coffee
we leave at 7:15 and are shopping by 7:20.
no one is at the mall.
it is glorious.

7:55 we leave mall and my sister drops me off at work. j is my ride home. j calls at 9:15.

j: do you have an extra set of keys?
me: no.
j: i am blocked in by your car. cannot pick you up.

9:30 am
I call e. she can pick me up. relief, but anxiety because she is like me and is never on time.

11:30. everyone leaves office. it is time for me to leave. call e. she has not left yet. she is 40 minutes away.

11:31. finally realize that all of my friends live about 10 min. away.
call mm. goes straight to voice mail.
call mr. answers. can pick me up!

11:49. waiting for ride. wrap up some leftover xmas cookies for mr. she is the best.
mr: +1
me: 0

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