Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brunch: Rooster

My friends and I have been on a brunch streak lately. When Friday night plans kept collapsing on themselves over and over again due to our inability to stay awake past 10 anymore, we resorted to a mid-Saturday gathering. And sometimes Saturday afternoon begins to look a lot like Friday night.

A few weeks ago we decided on Rooster in downtown St. Louis for crepes. I will eat just about anything, and I eat fast, so I can't really critique food. Mine was delicious, but I will say that about a lot of things. Probably the stand-out at Rooster was their extensive list of Bloody Marys and mimossas. Also, it was a really cute and cozy place with exposed brick and several sketches of roosters and chickens everywhere that looked like they were done by school kids.

After round one of drinks we were feeling pretty wonderful, so we decided to head up the street to an irish pub for more drinks. Things probably would have escalated to a full-blown bar crawl had some of us not had other engagements that day. The point is, Saturday day can be just as fun as Friday night. Besides, who doesn't love a little day drinking?

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