Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brunch: Hodak's

Somehow, I managed to make it out on a Friday night. I was very reluctant to go, but sometimes you end up making the best of a bad situation and end up with a fun night. And sometimes you end up compensating for your lack of expectations for the night with beer.

Luckily, our brunch plan for the next day was Hodak's for fried chicken. Nothing helps a hang over like fried chicken, crinkle fries and a giant pepsi. I really thought I might throw up on our way there, but I knew what awaited me was sweet releif. So, I just gripped the door handle and took really deep breaths until we drove far enough down Gravois to get there. After two drumsticks encased in a crispy shell fried to perfection and about five pepsis, I was cured. I was a new woman and the house was spotless by the time my in-laws arrived later that afternoon.

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