Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love You, Lefty!

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We hacked into my parent's netflix account over the weekend to watch streaming video. I know, crazy saturday night antics, right? After pouring over a long list of B-list, less-than-fresh movies, we decided on Donnie Brasco.

This is when "Lefty" (Al Pacino) and all of his mad Italian new yorker gangsta skills entered my heart forever.

Throughout the whole movies, he boasts of his "26 hits", so he's not like a good guy or anything. But as one of the younger mobsters climbs the ranks, overshadowing poor Lefty, you have to feel for the guy. I mean, he's put in a lot of time. Those 26 hits weren't for nothing. He's done his service, played by the mob rules, yet gets overlooked for a more shiny mob guy model.

Donnie Brasco was released in 1997, and takes place in the late '70s / early 80's. However dated, it is an eerie reflection of our own current reality. Work for the same company, expect to be taken care of in the end, and suddenly you're hacked. Loyalty stands for little these days - it's old school. Lefty isn't just a bad ass gangster, he's the guy down the street who just got laid off, despite his 25 years of service to XYZ.

In addition, I love old people. Especially grouchy crotchety ones. And Al Pacino does a great job of being an old curmudgeon.

I don't want to give the ending away in case you decide to watch, but it does not end well for poor Lefty. Tear. :(
(okay, i guess that pretty much does give the ending away)

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