Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crafting Goals

The trouble with being a part time Etsian is never a lack of ideas, but being organized enough to make them a reality. It's difficult to capture an idea long enough to put it on paper so it can be revisited at a later date. So I've made an excel sheet to track all of my projects from conceptualization to the finished project. I've also included potential keywords, pricing, shipping, product names and descriptions. Also helpful are reminders of upcoming events. I opened up shop in the beginning of September, and it already seemed too late to work on any Halloween-specific items. And here it is, the middle of October and hints of Christmas are everywhere. The point is, you need a little forsight to be successful. Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Moon release (look for my Bella scarf) seem to be coming at me like a freight train. Hopefully I can get my little engine to chug along quick enough to maximize on some holiday sales.

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